Welcome to the home page of award winning Author Cindy Lewis:
It’s a place where dreams come true in the stories that Cindy writes and shares with the world. Imagination rules the day, and fate waits in line. It’s been a long journey but one filled with hopes and dreams that surely will last many life times. The children’s series that’s close to her heart not only touches the past, but bumps into the future. It relives history for those in need of closure to a past that was sometimes not kind. It’s a love of the past that must not be forgotten.
Cindy’s adult books captures the imagination and allows you for just a little while an escape to a place you’ve never been, it’s a fascination with not only love but adventure as well. The future is yours if you believe in the magic that is you. Come along with Cindy as she stirs the mind and embraces not only the past but the future for many years to come. She’ll be waiting and watching see you there!
Cindy Lewis