June 2016

     Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Author Cindy Lewis. It’s here we’ll share news and updates about the author, and with that said it’s with the utmost pleasure I share the latest accomplishments of Cindy.

As you all know that last July Cindy traveled to Hollywood and received her Honorable Mention for her Romantic Comedy “Almost India”, then in January of this year she attended The London Book Festival for yet another Honorable Mention and once again for “Almost India”, and with a smile on her face Cindy attended The Paris Book Festival where she garnered not only Paris but The Amsterdam Book Festival as well.

Cindy was best known for her Children’s series “Charlie and the ghost hunters”, but her Romantic Comedy “Almost India has really taken off not only domestically but worldwide.

Cindy believes in the power of the pen, and believes that each and every one of us has a magic that dwells within. Life is about the journey take the time to touch all those around you. Believe in the magic that is you, she’ll be waiting.