Press release

March 8, 2017


It's finally here, after a long pause in publishing Cindy is

proud to bring to you "The Prince, the past and me" where

the past and the present come alive in one woman's dreams until

she discovers that dreams and reality walk the same path. If were lucky

enough to realize that destiny led fate to today, we win because

yesterdays life finally bumped into today.




Cindy Lewis



 Press Release

March 8, 2017

Coming soon

"Paris Rm#342"

The series continues with book 6 of the Charlie and the

ghost hunters series. "Paris RM#342"

It's a vacation of discovery, and solving mysteries that

happened while the world's fair opened with

the Eiffel Tower in 1889. What a time for France!

Charlie and friends travel to Europe in search of a little girl who

has haunted Charlie's dreams for a while now.

A time of Van Gogh and starry nights, a wild west show with

Annie Oakley, and Edison was there with the phonograph.

To the museums of today, with the people from the past you'll discover a

Paris that no ones seen since the worlds fair. I'll see you there.



Cindy Lewis

Press Release Paris May 2016


     Coming off an Honorable Mention in Hollywood, and most recently London with her romantic comedy “Almost India” Author Cindy Lewis has once again garnered another Honorable Mention at The Amsterdam Book Festival, and also the famed Paris Book Festival with the same Romantic Comedy “Almost India”. Cindy will attend the awards in Paris bringing home both awards on June 2nd.


Press release: January 7, 2016

American Author Cindy Lewis has garnered

another honorable mention, this time at the

famed London Book Festival for “Almost

India”, a romantic comedy that speaks to the

heart of Bollywood. The awards will be at the

British Library on January 30, 2016, one small

step today with an honorable mention sets the

stage for tomorrow’s best sellers list.
Cindy is best known for her children's series

Charlie and the ghost hunters, and is working

with producers in Hollywood on a script for a

children's TV show based on the series, and

clearly she stepped out of the boundaries and

her comfort zone with Almost India, but her

passion for story-telling and flair for comedy

will certainly have her in the spot light for many

years to come. Britain welcomes Cindy and

hopes this won't be the last time she graces

London. You can email Cindy anytime she

welcomes all fan emails,

@ or visit her website


                 Press Release
                 Palmetto, Fl


As of September 4, 2015 Author Cindy Lewis

will be in the Crossville Tennessee area

beginning October 22, 2015 at the McDonald’s

downtown Crossville  1703 N. Main St. for a

fundraiser for Martin Elementary School, a

percentage of the proceeds will be donated to

the school, also to date we will be at the Art

Circle Library 3 East St. Crossville, Tn. The

evening of October 30 5:45 following the puppet

show, I hope to see you all there. Cindy will

have a table set up at 5th Street Market and

Café at 271 West Ave, October 23 and the 27,

28, books will be available.I hope to show the

world a small town America, and I hope to inspire

the children to dream and write, imagination

and the library, what a beautiful combination.

Believe in the magic that is you.



                 PRESS RELEASE:

                 Palmetto, Florida
                 Author Cindy Lewis

Local author Cindy Lewis scores first big hurdle
with an honorable mention at Hollywood book
contest with her Romantic Comedy “Almost India”.
 Cindy is best known for her children’s series
Charlie and the ghost hunters, but she’s proven
she can cross the line and write adult literature as
well. Cindy will be attending the awards banquet
Saturday July 25, 2015 at the historic Roosevelt
Hotel, the home of the first Academy Awards. You
can reach Cindy online
or visit her website