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The year 1889 the World’s Fair, the Eiffel Tower, and all eyes of the world on Paris France. What more could anyone want? Little Cora Mae was visiting the city for the first time with her mother, and it would be the last time she saw her mom. Cora Mae remembered walking under the Eiffel Tower to the opening of the fair, she watched the famous sharpshooter Annie Oakley in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show. A man named Edison had a strange box that played music, and a village was displayed with people of dark skin. Checking into her room 342 that morning seemed a lifetime away, they returned to the hotel that evening and sitting in the lobby waiting on her mother would be the last fond memory of Paris. A small child abandoned and thought crazed, then later placed in an insane asylum. With a quest she placed in the hands of Charlie and his friends. Would they discover the secret that was lost for 128 years?
Liberty looked out over the ocean at the endless waves coming in to meet the shore, he had lost count long ago of the full moons passing each month, and then the months had turned to years long ago. The days of pirating had disappeared when he lost life all those years ago, how he became a dolphin he wasn’t even sure, all he could remember was guarding a treasure for one of the most ruthless pirates in history, and when his life ended at a young age he awoke in the form of a dolphin. Was it reincarnation? He wasn’t sure, his will had been so strong in guarding that treasure it had consumed him. With the body of the dolphin also came a destiny, a spiritual existence that led him here to seek out a child that was born of the moon, this child would set him free. The fate which awaited him, and the children foretold in his life and history would live for hundreds of years to come. Sparkie sat in the forest, awaiting something he knew not what. There was a reason he had stayed on in the form of a spirit, there was a purpose to his not passing on like his parents before him, the circus life he led had taken him all over the world, yet here he sat awaiting yet another destiny, a child would be his messenger and would complete what he was sent here to do. Dark Waters had fought with Osceola in the great battle of Ft. Dade, yet Osceola had moved on and he had not. Why was he here? What was keeping him in this body, would he ever make it home, and to the ones he loved.

The Legend of Lillie Rose

The Legend of Lillie Rose Charlie began his journey with the passing of his parents. The gang as he calls them is his lifeline; they along with his grandfather explore a world where few dare to go. Along came Lillie Rose who taught everyone about living and dying, who made you actually believe. There are many wonders of the world that we can see but, thanks to a little girl that wanted to heal the pain and suffering of others, experienced a world only written about. Learn about the past, hang on to the present and wonder about the future. Meet Jacob, who lost his past and future but with the help of Lillie Rose and the gang except the gift of love and show him the light. Jacob also gets to meet his Mother and Father and learn that he will truly never be alone. Learn how one terrible moment of anger can change the lives of so many as Simon killed the child Lillie Rose and learn how her spirit in return saved Simon. When the past bumps into the gang in the form of Anna, it’s no wonder that the past is forever part of the future. Anna begins learning that the pain of death opens to the light of forgiveness. Follow the kids and experience excitement of discovery, believe in things that you feel but cannot see. Get ready to laugh and cry, remember to ask questions, remember to believe in yourself and know when to accept that which has been given
In a land where time never existed, lies a book of realms that is the center to every library in existence, but only if you have the imagination to see it. Muldoon stumbles upon the first book with his mother at a local flea market, and with his friends begin a journey that actually started years ago when his father went missing. The first city of realms is dragons, a collection of beings with the likeness of dragons with one exception, big personalities and an array of colors to go with it. You will experience the surprise and the majesty of a place thought not to exist and you will marvel at each exchange by those that live in this magical place. With Muldoon are his friends Heidi, Summer along with Troy and of course Laverne James Phillips also known as T. Troy keeps everyone entertained with famous movie lines when things get difficult or funny. Heidi has a crush on Muldoon and has just blossomed into a young adult and the realization that her lifelong friend is now her biggest crush creates havoc as she struggles to define friendship. Summer is just best friends with everyone and tries to be there when things get serious. T is just out for a good time with his best friends, as he struggles with his own identity crisis amidst a journey that will change him and his friends forever. Muldoon will find pieces of his past, a missing father that was here in the city of realms long before they were, be there when it all comes together and realize we all have a book of realms in our own imagination. The secret books of realms will carry on to each new city, if you have the imagination to find the next book and realize it was there all along.

Remember Me The Boy Under The Tree

In 1832, thousands of lives were forever changed, many were relocated and thousand died. The Trail of Tears will always be a mark on history that many to this day don’t even know existed. Follow a Native American boy Peter as he accepts the life he lived and the death that he has received at the hands of his father, the peace that peter experiences from two Native Americans and a bear from the trail of tears. Laugh at the gang as they teach the Indians of yesterday and of the lives today. Follow Bear who killed Lucy and experience a lifelong friendship that was forged in death. Laugh at bear who can’t help the sweet tooth that he believes exist. Learn with the gang a history that shaped the future and the lives of many Americans today. Come on a trick or treat adventure with the ghosts and Bear who just can’t seem to control himself when the scent of sweets is in the air. Take and adventure that spans over 180 years. Be there when Anna confronts her past, relives her death and embraces her future. Shed a tear as she learns the cost of a life that came to her rescue in the final moments of her own existence. Feel the freedom as Peter learns what his life really meant, experience the moment his spirit soars with the hawk and flies into the sky.
The year 1836 not yet spring, the place a compound called the Alamo coveted by the Mexican army led by Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana. A massacre! Follow one Tennessean named Johnny and be there on his journey as he boards a train destined for history, and fate steps in and Johnny rides the train home for 178 years. Come and watch as Charlie unravels the past, and catches the train and sends Johnny home.  What happens when you don’t find home, and you don’t know why you’re on this journey, be there as Dark Waters continues his quest to find home, only to realize it never really was. Learn with Wiz, Hoot and Dusty that friendship not only can save lives but set the past right. Let history catch your eye, let imagination rule the day. The Journey of tomorrow begins with the first step today, but all the tomorrows begin in the direction of the future. Come along for all the yesterdays and be there for all the tomorrows. It’s a wondrous journey seeing history and learning that we all have a place somewhere in a time called the future.
What's the going price of a human life, the price of innocence lost. Follow Liam as he searches for the answer, be there when he meets the cutest, sexiest and toughest FBI agent he's ever seen. Experience the chase through the beautiful and unusual Key West, feel the heat between Liam and Cassie as they fall in love right in the middle of one of the toughest cases of Human Trafficking from New York to Key West. Learn how one mans wine leads to another mans blood. Be there as Cassie and Liam take down one of the most influential men in the wine business, there's no room for BloodWine on her watch. Learn how even dirty politicians can be taken down, and come along for a Key West wedding like no other.
This is a collection of just a few of my poems, I've been told I bleed poetry and with this I do believe. My signature with all my books, the children's series as well as the adults begin with a poem, I do hope you enjoy.

Mrs. Castles Locket

A hundred years ago many lives were lost due to the arrogance of man foretelling the future with the words "unsinkable", learn how one locket possesses one mans soul, yet sets another free. Marvel at a trunk that has a mind of it's own, who's history is filled with hope and sadness, watch as it settles in a small town it finally calls home. Watch as the trunk unfolds images of the past and forever changes the lives of Charlie and his friends, and the ghosts they call family. Witness the transformation of a drunk that becomes born again to god as he bared witness to the supernatural as Bear strolled through the woods with the kids riding his back. Laugh as a whole town witnesses a honey pot floating through the air, as it leads them out of town. Share the hope of Lucy as she waits for the return of her beloved Two Bears and Bear. Close your eyes, imagine and believe as Charlie and his friends do, that the mind sees more hears more when you truly believe
India a land of many people, where culture clashes with the future, and where Bollywood rules. Along comes Molly, a middle aged woman chasing a dream and landing a movie based on her book, be there for what I call the funniest moments of Molly’s life. What could possibly go wrong? Everything! Follow Molly to the heights of Shimla on a scooter ride that will have you laughing, and dance with Molly in London as she literally loses her skirt, and there’s nothing like spicy nuclear curry in New York that could burn the heart of anyone. Be there when India embraces Molly, and almost never really happens. A story that happens and a dream that challenges the imagination. Almost India will truly become a favorite in the hearts of everyone.
Dreams we all have them, some over and over again. Birdie on the other hand lives for her dreams, as a continuation of a place where reality doesn’t rule, and dreams take center stage. A dream of a past 646 years ago, in a place she’s never seen, a land of people she’s never met. Come along on a wondrous journey of a slave, and a forbidden love that lasted 646 years. Witness a land of beautiful people, a culture not understood in her world. Visit a time one can only imagine and be there in the future when a bracelet ties it all together, and learn that love knows no time, but can last forever. Imagine waking up from a coma a self-induced exile from life, and discovering it was all a dream, or was it?